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bots on S63 - S71

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  • bots on S63 - S71

    the first bots appeared with mall promotion about 10k roses. They were all doing quiz of course, which was around X-mas time. There were no problems at first, but after a few weeks their number started to grow. For the very first time of my CS play time i have seen message saying that server is full and that i have been placed into queue. Logging in was getting a little bit slower especially a few minutes before quiz. Today there had to be even more bots than usual, cause after they all logged out on 7th question (probably some kind of crash) the whole server just froze for like 20 seconds. Most people missed one some even 2 questions and some including me didn't get any reward in the end, there was no message in log too.

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    Most often, the failure to receive Quiz prizes (assuming players did not exit the event before it officially ended) is the result of a lag spike. To help reduce the chances of getting so unlucky, it's best to have your toon in a less crowded area (Tree of Life for example) and hiding characters and effects might also do some good.

    Regarding bots, you will need to report each one via ticket here: Include their server number as well as exact IGN(s). The team will review your report from there and proceed as necessary.


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      Thanks for reply, i managed to make only 1 screen-shot before they became smarter/or read forums and became less visible, reporting them all one by one is impossible since there are most likely hundreds of them and you can see only top 10 players during quiz. Click image for larger version

Name:	top10-bots.png
Views:	1
Size:	90.6 KB
ID:	1709129.

      PS: at the beginning you could see names starting with a,b and c.


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        Do attach that screenshot in the content of your ticket. It will also make it easier for the GMs if you typed out each of the IGNs (I.E. (S63)abasers, (S63)abeam, and so forth).
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