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Log out doesn't work

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  • Log out doesn't work

    Hi CS,
    Your security is failing. When I log out of my account, it doesn't log out unless I restart my whole browser (which is especially annoying if I'm working on stuff in other tabs and have to restart all of that too).
    Please fix it
    Thanks a lot!

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    I can't say I'm experiencing the same issue, nor have we received any reports of such.

    When you logout, you should be logging out from our main Crystal Saga page, and even checking R2's main page and our forum to make sure you're thoroughly logged out. If you're still running into issues with it, you can always clear your browser history and cache before closing the tab. Should that be a problem, you can either drag the CS tab and separate it from your other tabs before proceeding or resort to using a different browser when operating CS.
    Last edited by Reverie; 03-08-2015, 12:57 AM.