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Accidental Character deletion

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  • Accidental Character deletion

    okay your going to laugh I know but my little brother deleted my character 'dragonflyjnr' scion priest level 84 on S79 Shimmering Glades was hoping if you could reactivate for me please. brother... who needs them.

    I filed a ticket #294251

    thanks for the help hope its possible to get my toon back

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    Your ticket has been forwarded. Note that character restoration is not guaranteed -- it is solely up to the GMs to make that call.


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      okay thank you for the reply *fingers crossed* >.<

      does my reply show after I reply to the GM? sorry to be a bother
      Last edited by dragonflyjnrr; 03-17-2015, 01:10 AM.


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        I'm sorry? I don't quite understand your inquiry.


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          I had a reply of a GM and when I replied to that message it didn't appear underneath his/hers just wandering if that's okay? I thought my reply would show underneath

          never mind they received it sorry to bother you again thank you for the ticket forwarding you've been a lot of help
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            The color scheme of the ticket template is a little wonky sometimes, so you can always try highlighting the page to see if your response (or even the team's response) isn't simply hiding in the background.