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  • Character's Lock

    Gm , i was away for few months because of my ,studies and when i came back i realized that i forgot my character's Lock , and when i filled a ticket , they asked me for my pc's I.P. and i got rid of my personal Pc 2 years ago because it is old , what should i do ?
    i own the E-mail bound to the account
    Plz Help.

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    You should explain that in the content of your ticket. The GMs may ask you to confirm other things to work around the lack of a matching IP.
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      thanks for replying , well i did but they said unfortunately they can't help me with anything


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        I'm sorry to hear that. Do understand that requesting and confirming IP addresses is a part of the security process. It's nothing personal.


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          Yes ; i know but they should put under consideration the ability of the account's onwer of getting the IP , they know people change their laptops and PCs all the time and therefor getting the IP would be impossible and rough for few of us . Thanks


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            Generally speaking, even if you do replace your PC, your IP address should still retain its location origin -- this means if your original IP address at the time of creation pinpointed your general location, your new IP address should render the same location. For example, my current IP address will show that I am in California, and purchasing a new computer will carry a similar IP also locating me to be in California, and not in Texas or something.