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GM's this guy seems like a hacker to me... Please check into it...

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  • GM's this guy seems like a hacker to me... Please check into it...

    Alright so there is this guy in my server that is repeatedky getting Morphed Vulture's... I'm suspcious because he gets them 1 every like 30 secs to a minute... This is on S58 Holorn Cliff... Just though you might want to check into it....

    Hope this helps....
    Game:Crystal Saga
    Server:S58 Holorn Cliff
    Level: 155-Eidolon
    Class: Knight
    Guild: N/A

    "Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution"
    -Albert Einstein

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    Why would he be a hacker ? might just be Lucky.


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      Hacker? U know what that mean? He might be just a lucky


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        Are there two acc that is spamming it? Might be someone that wants attention and is trading the Morhped Bear Cubs between each other just to get the server pm and attention from others
        IGN: (S20)Chaoss and other 3 not to be named(Priest69 Priest35 Mage38)
        Server: (S20)Southern Wetlands.Merged with (S19)(S10)(S9)
        Plane: Mortal
        Class: Hybrid Knight <-(Earth Blessing with some Retribution)
        Level: Knight :55+
        Guild: (S20)OverDrive
        Pet:Bear Cub,Bone Dragon,Morphed Bear Cub,Baby Demon,Crimson Werewolf,
        Mount: Battle Bear
        Honor: Viscount
        Soul:139 and counting.......