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court information

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  • court information

    i am attempting to get ahold of crystal saga/r2games information so court case may start for TOS being broken several times... i have spent money on s7 toon named raised...
    and since i have proof that tos has been broken many times and people are abusing us cash paying players this is my attempt for compensation... I WANT MY MONEY BACK.. now since i have made it known
    that i want my money back you must reply with court information... or we may settle this out side of court.. let me know
    Thank you Joel smith

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    You will need to file your refund/chargeback inquiries via ticket here: There's also a Refund & Chargeback policy you may want to review prior to doing so.


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      where may i see this information?... im not only looking for for my money back but i want more for making me think it was a fair based browser game as states in tos agreement
      do you have the information on where i have the court papers sent?

      also.. i have filed many tickets and do not get any replys on them... i asked for court information.. no reply.. im thinking this is a big scamm... i contacted internet lawyer... they need the information as to where the papers go...
      also have asked/demanded my money back for this... hacker/gm/moderator even was able to say things from my toon while i was on my toon... how is that possable unless it was a gm/moderator? please provide me with the information asked...
      you can see all i have spent on the game the r2 site has my reciepts
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        Any and all internal requests must be made via ticket, that includes the contact information you seek. Should your ticket(s) not receive a response in a considerable amount of time, you may post your ticket number(s) on the forum and any available moderator will forward your case. The Refund & Chargeback policy appears at the bottom of your Recharge window, like so:

        As for your belief that a GM/moderator is talking over you on your toon, I must say you highly overestimate our abilities. We do not access players' accounts nor do we possess the ability to "chat over you". Our staff and representatives simply do not have that much time on their hands to partake in such adolescent acts.
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          You would send your lawyer the link to the Terms of Service, which includes where your lawyer can contact R2's lawyers at the bottom. I personally would recommend finding a different lawyer though. A decent lawyer would know how to contact a business on your behalf.

          Just to clarify, moderators have zero ingame powers, and if a GM were to access your account, you would be instantly disconnected from the server.

          Regardless, this is an issue between you and R2, and does not belong on the forum. I suggest sticking to tickets, and if you need assistance with getting a response, please pm a moderator with your ticket number and we get to forwarding it as soon as we possibly can.
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