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    IGN : irEinz
    SERVER : S55

    My 4th skill on super angel won't show up. it's level 60 and the skill wouldn't show.
    please fix this GM.

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    do you mean you didn't learn a skill or the skill slot didn't unlock?
    learning skills is pure chance. if it didn't unlock a slot when it was supposed to please file a ticket at


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      i was on for many hours and killing many mobs and my pet is now level 62 but the skill didn't show up.


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        Skills don't show up on set levels - there's a chance your pet learns a new skill when it levels, but that doesn't mean it will. I've raised pets to lvl 100 with all skill slots open and they still didn't fill all of them. Took my BA 22 levels to get all its skills, my alt's BA only learned its last skill when it was almost lvl 100 gen 2. My own and my alt's firelords refused to learn any skills altogether for 70 levels, and at lvl 100 they still have slots open. All of that is normal.
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