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Ticket issues

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  • Ticket issues

    For some reason my in game wife's tickets hasn't been replied. Need help on this please....

    My character : (s26)Jackfire
    Server: S26 Bearpaw Valley
    Wife's Charecter : (s26)tayls
    server: S26 Bearpaw valley

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    [Thread moved to General Support]

    If she can provide her ticket number, a moderator will forward her ticket.


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      she didn't take the number because she lost faith in your tickets, because she sent 12 tickets that didn't got answered.
      but she posted another ticket again yesterday i cannot provide the number but i can provide the email.


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        Please inform her that she needs to provide a ticket number should she desire her case be tended to sooner than later. Note that opening 12 tickets will only further delay response times, so try to refrain from submitting multiple tickets regarding the same issue.

        It is also preferable that she come forth and represent herself instead of through a third person. So if you would kindly pass along that message and have her contact a moderator on the forum, we can more intimately assist her with her case(s).
        Last edited by Reverie; 04-18-2015, 01:17 AM.


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          Number one She didn't post many tickets on same issue. Number two when she files a ticket you guys ignore it. And when she filed the last ticket it didn't get responded and it has already been more than 24 hours but I filed a ticket today and it got responded within 6 hours well isn't it a bit peculiar??


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            As previously stated, please inform your in-game wife that she will need to directly contact myself or another moderator with her ticket number(s) for further assistance. These ticket numbers can be found in the automated e-mails that are sent out upon creation of each ticket. Furthermore, I will be closing this thread as it is purely buffer business -- she may open a new thread or send us a PM.
            Last edited by Reverie; 04-18-2015, 10:58 AM.