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    hello guys im back, want to get a guide how i can breed my Demon King successfully...i want to make it gen2 but im afraid to loose it....can anyone tell mo how to do it.. thanks... by the way my DK is Female, can i make it as my primary pet?? thanks

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    Primary pet can be any gender, secondary pet needs to be the opposite gender. You'll never lose the primary pet. You will lose the secondary pet upon successful breeding and if you fail to breed, so use a breed insurance token so you don't lose the secondary pet if you fail.

    There is no way to guarantee a success, but you'll have the highest success rate using the same pet to breed with, a lower success rate if you use a different pet but of the same type, and the lowest rate using a different pet of a different type. For more information search for the complete guide, which should be a sticky in the beginner guides and faq section of the forums.
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