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GM plz read this...

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  • GM plz read this...

    guys is there anyone here experiencing losing of gems???
    coz i am...
    ok here is my story
    i have a 5 excellent ruby (bound) on my weapon and
    4 excellent ruby on my gloves (bound)...

    i can't play cs very well coz my net is so slow this past few days and when i come back
    my 4 excellent ruby on my gloves is gone >.<

    and i am very disappoint coz i waited my net to become stable and to play cs very well and when i open it *very excitedly* i notice that my gems is gone -_-
    i collect shiny coupon from DIV to synthesize it to excellent gems... and thats it! i collect it for few weeks or months to have excellent gems. and my gems is gone... and idk where they go.

    its bound so its mean untradable
    and i dont deleted it also coz i cant do it if its on my savage gloves
    and guess what!!!
    i dont removed it from my gloves.. so there is no other way i can deleted it or sell it...

    PLZ.... Gm help me

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    socketed gems will be deleted automatically upon upgrading,
    did you happen to upgrade you savage?
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      no i can't upgrade my savage to purple yet coz my rank is only duke... i can upgrade it to purple if i am grand duke... so my gems can't be deleted accidentally coz i cant upgrade my savage yet

      Any GM that is on... plz replay to this thread plz
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        oh that hurts i think there is no way that the gems would disappear any other way weird


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          File a ticket here.


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            weird.. =C


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              Originally posted by Jonash3 View Post
              File a ticket here.
              file a ticket
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                i know its weird... i will just send a ticket hope r2 will fix this