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  • Lv 60

    Oi i have a lil i reached lv 60(yay)but shouldnt i get a new main quest in available quest?i check and there was no main,just optional.Somoen pls help me
    Server:The void
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    Common can somebody reply


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      You don't always get a new main quest at every level. I know there's main quests around that level, but I don't remember exactly what levels the quests appear.
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        Can somone help then


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          search in Void Encampment

          should be there


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            I'm lazy to start a new thread, I'll take this post to ask something ¿any tip for lvl up after lvl 40? i get stuck with main and some optionals quest only can get to 30%-40% with bath, tg and ladder is still hard for me to level up -.- after lvl 36 i only can level up once per day. I know almost everything about this game but I'm still a noob on leveling.
            any tip?
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