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Server merges

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  • Server merges

    T_T i have been begging for server merges for months, And you guys finally decide to do it but you exclude S1 S2 and S3 what kinda ** is that ='(.... This is the most dissapointed i have ever been in with R2games. Please explain why we don't get merged its unfair ='(.
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    I think all the EST pvp severs should be merged into 1 =]


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      This has already been explained before why S1-2-3 aren't merged again. Timezones have to match, Server-age has to match(ish), and PvP/PvE-server has to match. No server atm matches those so no merge.
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        ^ I mentioned EST pvp servers though only ;L

        Though age is barely a factor nowadays since in our server merge - S51 was the newest - and yet people stayed.