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    sry guys cuz i write that late but i was to work and now when i have some free time i log on my server..s33 and i see my character gone but my friend have in his friend list my character and is lvl 0 lol so can u help me plss to get back..

    character: (S33)ryn89

    also i want my guild cuz is lvl 8 guild and im solo in guild so i dont know if guild gone or not,i send
    tycket ago some time and no answer yet

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    You will need to file a ticket regarding your missing toon. You can do so here: Provide your IGN along with the server and the team will get you sorted out from there.

    Your server group experienced an onset of issues a little over three weeks ago, which led to various missing toons, missing guilds, bugged Friends Lists, and forced divorces. A rollback was scheduled and performed to correct most of these problems; information regarding so can be found here:!.


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      oh tnx vmuch for help...i send ticket again so i hope fast answer