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Unable to access ANY server (to play) right now

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  • Unable to access ANY server (to play) right now

    Hello. I have tried 6 servers so far, but logging into the character interface is not working; the game by-passes the character selection screen, and tries to load the game WITHOUT having selected a character. I have experience this problem since before 15:00 server time (server 54 Netheran time, that is). I have checked the router, reset the computer, deleted cookies and cache, etc etc etc.

    The last time I was unable to access my server (S54 Netheran) it was down for 16+ hours!!!!! And no apology was forthcoming. I am what is refered to as a "casher". Are you familiar with baseball? This makes 2 strikes. 1 more you Crystal Saga is out!

    Sincerely & Very concerned,


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    Hey Elix, it's SlainAgain. Hang in there, judging from the fact that I've heard more than 1 post about being unable to log into Netheran Realm. I can log in just fine, I think it's the location you're in right now that matters.
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