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Did NOT recieve order number or VIP

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  • Did NOT recieve order number or VIP

    For my ordering history it doesn't show my VIP nor did I get the items for it. I got the crystals, just not the items. I would report it through a ticket except I have no order number for the VIP.

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    I have a familar problem. I bought 10000 Chrystals, but never gotten them. Ive got an email as aproval but no order number too. Same like you. Do you had a bugmessage too, while buying something after purchase or payment?


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      A what? I didn't even get an email confirmation.


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        In my payment method I got too emails. One from Ultimate pay with an order number. (That one I havent gotten) and one else, (maybe for confirming) after from moneybookers. (That one I got)


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          Xumot, I replied to your pm.

          Corryth, please file a ticket for your issue at You can use any number as your transaction number for the ticket to go through. Note that if it's your first purchase, it can take up to 12 hours for the payment to process through the anti-fraud system, but they should get you sorted out through the ticket.
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