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Cannot Log Into S62

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  • Cannot Log Into S62

    Sorry just want to report this --- I have this problem now and I am on S62 ...
    a day ago (but in around 2 hours from this time yesterday) I had the same trouble.
    I can be sure that it's the server problem. Hope someone can have a check on this! Thanks.

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    I will check S62 and see if I encounter any login issues.

    I have just checked S62 and was able to successfully login. If you are still having issues with the server, you can try the following usual fixes: clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files, restarting your browser session, using different browsers, restarting your device/Internet source, using wired connection instead of wifi, using a proxy, and/or manually changing your DNS/IP address.
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      I am very sure it's server related issue (since it's not an all time thing --- I play this a lot and my login issue comes at certain time (between 2pm to 6pm server time)). Perhaps it's not just this server as most of my friends experienced this (but at different time). Actually the longest login problem I've had was only around 1 hour, so maybe I shouldn't have even report about this little issue. Thanks anyway.