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Kicked from server; can't login

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  • Kicked from server; can't login

    hei whats going on now?i suddenly got kicked and cant log in to my toon anymore!!! my internet is ok,but it kept saying server failed :@

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    [Post moved to General Support]

    Which server are you attempting to access? I will test it to see if I encounter the same error.


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      s13 blackrock gorge

      avernal realm gone for today T.T
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        I have just checked S13 and was able to successfully login, as shown below with the server timestamp. There also appears to be several other players online. As this is currently the only report, it may be an isolated issue. You can try the following usual fixes to see if it helps resolve your error:

        ~ Clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files
        ~ Refreshing your browser session
        ~ Using different browsers
        ~ Restarting your device/Internet source
        ~ Using wired connection instead of wifi
        ~ Using a proxy
        ~ Manually changing your DNS/IP address


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          alright doing it