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Halloween Costume ( designs that not yet out )

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  • Halloween Costume ( designs that not yet out )

    as this post indicated!

    "*I know that two more player-designed costumes were supposed to be included, but the art department simply ran out of time to make all 6 costumes. The devil costumes were already on file so we included those to give players as many options as possible this Halloween season. However, there is still good news. All 4 costume contest winners will still be receiving packs with all the costumes, pets, and mount. Also, the last two costume designs are coming, but they will be delayed a couple of weeks. So they will be coming to the game and all 4 winners will get them when they arrive, they just won't be here in time for Halloween. But with 3 different sets to choose from, I still think there is something for everyone this season."

    as one of the winners on the halloween costume contest, just wondering when will be my design costume be out, which we all know the design's is for halloween, but until now my design and the other one is not yet out. i or we just wanna know when will it be out.
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    I wanna buy the last 2 costumes too
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      Same =D I wanne have all the costumes XD
      Still need Valentines, Bunny Outfit, Xmas outfit perm aswell ^-^
      Had those but they weren't perm so deleted most of them ~.~ Q.Q
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        Oh don't worry! Those costume designs will come out in *gets kidnapped*
        (I can't say when because Amanda does not like her surprises to get ruined, but yeah it's gonna come out soon~)

        ...but actually does something like stalk every word you post

        This moderator is unreliable, I'm serious


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          They are adding turkey feathers and gravy boats atm, be patience. xD
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