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Unable to pay via paypal

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  • Unable to pay via paypal

    Every time I attempt to pay via paypal, the payment goes on hold then gets cancelled. I am able to pay other people via paypal hence I know paypal itself is not broken.

    Is there a way to correct this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Only if R2Games dump UltimatePay and get a proper merchant.

    UltimatePay plain out lies on their messages ... "The payment was rejected by Paypal", when in fact Paypal APPROVED the payment and already marked the amount as reserved on your credit card. Then it sits as reserved on your credit card for maybe a month till UltimatePay tell Paypal it wasn't in fact paid to R2Games.

    I've been saying it for 9 months, since my Crystal Saga days ... their merchant sucks.
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      Thank you.