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  • crystal purchase

    hi there, i bought some crystals a few weeks ago and havent received them but the money has been deducted from my account and i havent gotten a response to my ticket. ticket # 352910 and order number 201505271608198823

    if you could help to speed this up it owuld be greatly appreciated, im starting to get a little impatient here given that its been so long

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    It looks like your ticket has been responded to as of two days ago. The team is currently awaiting a response from you.
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      >.> Gmail failed to send my response. I have sent them a reply

      I am unable to send my response thru gmail. I have 2 open tickets right now, I've tried to send several responses to each, I keep getting an automated notification saying that the message failed to send. Could I provide the info to you in pm instead?
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        Have you tried accessing/responding to your ticket via actual ticket portal? On our site, rather than through your e-mail.


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          Just did it now, forgot that was even an option lol


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            Could I bug you to forward the ticket # again please, I've sent all of the requested info, now I'm just waiting for my crystals... since May 27


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              Your ticket has already been forwarded.


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                I hope they send it tonight, because I recharged during the last point promo and missed that due to this issue, now it looks like I'll be missing this one too.

                (and shinobi is my alt acct btw )

                So it seems that spending money here isn't safe . I just got ripped off for $175 and R2 refuses to give me what I paid for. Be careful folks
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                  So R2 refuses to give me what I've been over charged for, even though I've provided all of the proof required. 2 weeks and still no crystals, if they do not pay up I'm posting ALL the details here, and it many other places. It's highly illegal to take money from someone's bank then refuse to give what they paid for. You mods might wanna tell those GM's to get it together. These guys literally have 1 hour before I make it a legal matter.


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                    Your ticket will be forwarded once more.


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                      That's unfortunate that it's come to this. Don't spend money here people, not safe. They'll just rob you and then ignore you.


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                        Still no crystals, and the refuse to respond to my tickets. What kind of crooked company is R2?


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                          need help

                          i need to be able to speak to someone who can read and write in english and understand the language. your support "elves" cannot read and comprehend english. i actually want to talk to the head of customer support directly before i speak with my lawyer to see if maybe there is one english speaking person in the entire company that can do something to resolve the issue before it gets to court.


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                            Is it for ticket #352910? I can see what I can do to get someone else to review your ticket, but you will need to give me until Monday.
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                              Yeah, that's the one. Thank you.