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What Have I Done? Help!

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  • What Have I Done? Help!

    Okay, so it's a long story, and a stupid one, and I understand that it's entirely my fault, and if there's nothing that can be done then so be it. But - my friend has been pestering me to change the gender of my character and marry her. For ages, I thought it was a joke, and since I don't have the funds to purchase crystal I figured it would remain something that wouldn't happen. Like, ever.

    And then today, I was gifted a sex change capsule from said friend. Real money had been spent to obtain this, and - whilst I know this isn't much of an excuse - everybody was laughing and saying, yeah, go on. So, like a moron, I took it.

    Hoorah, I am now a male. Except I'm not quite celebrating. It has literally happened about half an hour ago, and I feel so much regret! Besides either parting with real-life money or copious amounts of in-game money to purchase another sex change capsule, is there anything at all that can be done?

    My character is XOtakuX in Server 73 Green Plains. Thanks for listening to me, and to my stupidity xD

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    The only way you can reverse your gender change is with another Sex Change Capsule. Lesson learned: don't succumb to peer pressure. Enjoy your new tool.


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      Agh, dammit. Well, thanks for the prompt reply.


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        hahahhaha have fun with the wienie >:O
        I smell


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          xD wow lol

          go marry your friend and be happy


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            ye she should just marry me already LMAO .... it all went like i planned so far mahahahhahahhaha
            I smell