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Game runs very slowly

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  • Game runs very slowly


    I hope'm right here

    Had times small question: it .Is normal that the game is so slow?
    Speech by Perfomence have constantly red indicator in fps / ms well, and players have already turned off the display & effecte fields remain red.
    In addition, all have abundance div.Browser durchgetestet (FF, Chrome, Opera & Windows)
    but brought no improvement, have also tried to change proxy settings
    but problem persists.
    one is def. move clear that is impossible if you move here only in stutter.
    Once other players are also close to you can only pass touch is indeed not at all times

  • #2
    I'm not noticing any unusual lag on my end. My Fps/ms are usually green/yellow unless I open multiple toons. I do however experience more lag during events, such as IOB.


    • #3
      it's just a character online fps = 2-15 run slow,
      ms = mostly red 650-open end (the average score 800) yellow indicator I have only myself when staying Tree of Life, or at an abandoned plane in Starglade and at Events such as Fairy search Lucky Guess if I can forget Torch starts to play.
      range of other events in my current lvl would begin not at first
      with an activated character is the stream at ridiculous 4-200kb / s download-Upload and Otherwise when Game but more Consumed is then why not share it?


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        i got all the same probs but i blame my internet nothing is perfect

        relogging/refreshing makes it pretty much playable


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          omg (SRY) but does that now just because I have the problem with the other is not the case is now subject of table or what?


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            The game normally runs slow. There's lots of reason but the company won't admit to any faults, but will provide tips on how to improve your experience. The lag hasn't gotten any better over the 3 years that I've played