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Need Mod help with a ticket

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    Originally posted by LordinBlack View Post
    Thanks was unaware about what was holding them up. ill calm my self haha
    No worries. Player investigations do take quite a bit of time, so it isn't unusual for the case to appear dead or forgotten. Should your case close again, you should be able to open it back up with another response.


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      Its been a month now. I gave 15 screenshots. If you wont ban players for using mallmmo then you need to go ahead and announce that its OK for everyone to use it. I have not used it do the understanding that you would get banned. However it seems The ticket admin is working with mallmmo?? Again i gave 15 screenshots with time, server time and date. I got pics of them trading the mall priest and upgrading perfect frag to supreme immortal frag in less then a week. I quit. Thanks for trying to help me Reverie but this game is doomed if we have corrupt gm's.