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Can't be online with 2 accounts

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  • Can't be online with 2 accounts

    Dear all

    Today I'm having problems with staying online on my main account and my alt account.
    Everytime I'm on my main, and wanna log on my alt to boost my alt with main, R2 kick's my main account off. Then i try to log on again with my main but then R2 kick my alt off..

    Anyone got same problem?
    Can i do anything about it?
    Or is it R2

    Love from Humming

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    I haven't been experiencing any like-issues with logging multiple characters at once. Lag may be causing the disconnection, so try hiding characters and effects on both characters, switching to an instance that has less traffic, closing any unnecessary tabs/windows, and using wired connection instead of wifi.


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      You logging the alt and main on, in the same account? If thats the case, only 1 character is able to join the game per account.
      The same goes if you have try log a character from the same account on a different server in which you are merged with.
      If it's not the case then the connection is just headbutting you out the game
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