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This Ticket System..

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  • This Ticket System..

    This ticket system is a mess and the older version was soooooo much better, at least then the responses were just a days wait instead of a weeks.. Are these people on holiday again or something?
    Question: How do you find out your ticket number?
    And if we could get someone actually doing something on these tickets? That would be nice for once.
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    Your ticket number should be displayed on the confirmation page upon successful submission of your ticket. It is advised to write it down in case you need to check on the status of your case. An automated e-mail should also be sent to the e-mail address you used to create your ticket. If you did not receive an e-mail, try checking your Junk/Spam to see if it was sent there instead of your Inbox.

    Response times vary on the difficulty of the case, as well as when your ticket was submitted (I.E. if your ticket was submitted over the weekend, it may not receive a response until later in the week. You can always post/PM your ticket number to a moderator and we will forward your case to hopefully get it checked sooner than later.


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      the email notification with the case number doesnt seem to be sent out anymore. but at the bottom of th firt reply you get it will quote the ticket id. or you can go to the support page by following the link on the banner in game and search by entering your email address


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        Hmm...I've never had a problem with the support staff...longest I've waited is 2 days on a recharge pack problem...
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