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  • gem coupons

    ive been getting gem coupons from the day in vidalia packs and they dont have gems on them could you tell me what would do this i need to know asap thanx

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    Moved thread as this isn't a bug.

    Visit the Event Master in Starglade. Select the option "Gem Exchange". From the new list, select your coupon type. For example the Day in Vidalia packs give Shining gem coupons, so select Exchange for Shining (Level 5) Gems. Then, choose which gem you want.

    Note that it gives you bound gems which cannot be synthesized with unbound gems. You can use bound gems to create a fragarach shard, which is something to keep in mind when exchanging your coupons for gems.
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      You can also trade unbound scratch/shining gems for Gem Coupons at the fee of 20s each....that will allow you to synthesize your bound gems.
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