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    well... after "retire" from saga for quite some time i decided to play again considering how much time (and resources) I spent to build my toon. The catch it........i forgot my character lock

    Any GM can help me on this?

    I got more than 2 account which i suspect mostly got deleted and inactive email (and no email) now so I also wonder if i can make new ones too to fish PC since I understand that there is this lock thing regarding making number of alt account.

    Thanks in advance

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    You will need to file a ticket requesting that your character lock be removed. Tickets can be filed here: The GMs will have you confirm a few things before proceeding to assist you.

    I would advise that you first personally check for your toons before filing a ticket to see if they still exist. You may then make your request for the characters that haven't been automatically deleted.


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      well I have atleast for the 3 i mention ... i haven't for the rest. Thank you, will send ticket for it =)

      ok I tried (I think that the exact word) but this new ticket system confuses me =/
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        At which point did you get confused?


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          found the ticket thing after clicking (almost) all the link there. Thanks for the help. I have send all the info they requested via my email and waiting for the respond now.


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            Wonderful. If your ticket does not receive a response in 24 hours, you can post your ticket number here and I or any other available moderator will forward your case to [hopefully] get it resolved sooner than later.


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              the helping elfs (GM) is being so wonderfull even though i did make them confuse (accidently ofc all my misake). hope they can send me the good news soon =)