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It's all Mozilla's fault aka My switch to Microsoft Edge

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  • It's all Mozilla's fault aka My switch to Microsoft Edge

    So I've been using windows 10 insider for a while now, if you have the chance to upgrade directly from windows 7 or 8 should take that instead!
    Insider builds are pretty awesome though we get to experience some of the sweet new features as they roll out and help work out the kinks^_^

    Main topic of this thread:
    Mozilla. So how mozilla operates flash is through the plugin container, it runs the flash program then that send info to the container, then the container sends info to the browser to handle it.
    Basically flash was eating up 20-40% processing, then the container also 20-40%, then the browser 20 to 40%, can see where this is going with some basic math that it's over 100% cpu sometimes lol. with just two servers open and running maybe some youtube videos or trying to stream( I used to be able to stream without it always hitting 100% even fore switching to windows 10). used to be able to run 10 servers no problem until recent flash and mozilla updates over past two years.
    I deleted the file outright (plugin container), and youtube still works in mozilla- the game and twitch doesn't. however youtube is back to loading in HD for me and running smoothly using the windows built in flash. Believe that means mozilla needs to update its stuff to no longer use the container and use a built in feature with windows /potentially a few sites need to update the script to detect the new built in flash/ it should auto know to use best flash even if the site doesn't yet if its working in other sites.

    With Windows 10, their team has done something amazing with Microsoft Edge&in general with operating system. they've included flash as a built in feature! no more plugin container lagging down.
    So far in my trial runs, it took a moment for the browser to adjust to the huge file of the game and crashed. however after that initial crash, I've been able to run the game on two browser windows /servers that are different very fluidly and smoothly- epic response rate to clicks, my ladder run was loading each area with a blink/barely had time to blink and its in new area (this might be a little different for others based on the fact that I have very fast internet) however it still operates a lot better in general. I've had slow internet before and the game used to work kinda alright /quick when click etc then a few years ago.
    The edge content processor is only using 3-4% >

    My suggestion is to upgrade to windows 10 and use the edge browser for best results in gameplay

    Link to upgrade to Windows 10 /Download tool

    Link to insider program

    My other trick is to downsize the programs once have them running and doing what want, it wont consider it a foreground process, and as such wont consume CPU but will consume ram and spike cpu every once and a while but then go back down- it's good to open the window back up every bit to avoid full stalls of the browser- the game screen wont move/but the data is being sent back and forth and that's all that matters really except popping up again to refresh the screen to what's been going on

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    i been using edge, chrome and recently maxthon although im not sure if its cause of the event that bots farming like crazy (happy halloween) but chrome has become very unresponsive over last few days.