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Dayli loggin fail

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  • Dayli loggin fail

    oh okay sir thank you and i have a question..why my daily sign in bonus reseted?? i didnt missed a single day.. is it me only or all of us???

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    Dayli loggin fail

    whereas disappear, who will all the daily play my spirit or who?
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      I'd also like to know why the Continuous Log in Count was set back to 1 on most players I know, even when they had over 500 days worth. Some are saying it was because of the Daylight Savings Time change, yet since some had over 500 days of benefits, this has never happened before. Please advise as to why it has happened now and what compensation will be given for those that have lost the benefits of the extended counts they had.

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        this has happen before before betty. i know last daylight savings all mines were reset. some had over 500 days of l ogin times cuz they were online when server reset to claim
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          Daily login Reset!

          And like that you wake up and login to the game to find that your daily login got reseted back to day1(after 137consecutives) and it gots you wondering for god sake how much i slept?!
          Once again our R2 gm's didn't fail to surprise us! It's the little things that if you can't handle to keep working good makes you lose your damn credibility!
          I'm just curious with what kind of attitude after failing to maintain a game working properly you looking to get our money?! And the even worse part is even if i make a ticket i know beforehand that it not gonna get me anywhere! You see i'm one of those people that lack "the goddess's luck" as a forum moderator described a ticket gettin resolved by R2!
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