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Charm to crystals

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  • Charm to crystals

    So everyone who has been saving charm and not converting it to crystals so you don't accidentally misclick something and waste your crystals is now screwed? No warning to use up your charm? Can you give us 1 week or 1 day to use up our charm then make this change?? Are you trying to make more people quit i don't understand this. After all these problems now you do this

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    guess this is cause mallmmo rose.. its far cheaper to buy rose from mallmmo than recharging crystaltal from r2.. is this ur best solution regarding mallmmo?


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      guess this makes 90% of R2CS server login issue survivors quit, well i myself stopped cashing already with all this mess now we get punishment and mallmmo is on the lose.
      well yeah we say we quit but dont actually mean we wont play in the near future if the bugs got solved so what, you guys wont are for us really? (well got that reply from a mod that we say we quit but dont actually quit) shows how r2 company really works, does it.
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        its possible this is due to mall site selling roses or whatever, however, if that is indeed the case then R2 should put a limit on wings and mounts also. Greater Mount Upgrade Tokens and Ethereal Wings are what ppl mall for the most from what I have seen across the servers. so in my opinion, if the rose exchange was changed due to malling, then mounts and wings should have a 3 click limit per day as well since charm exchange only has 1 click per day


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          So since most of these limits are because of the mall mmo site, it'd be best just to get rid of the bots and their mall, right? :P


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            Originally posted by popclips View Post
            So since most of these limits are because of the mall mmo site, it'd be best just to get rid of the bots and their mall, right? :P
            That is far easier said than done.