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  • help help help PLLLEEAASSEE

    Hello i bought crystals but didnt get my extra crystals that come with the promo right said that it should be in the present but it wasnt in there

    ": Happy Thanksgiving! In celebration of this great holiday, players will receive a 25% Crystal bonus on their total recharge amount all day long! Act fast before it’s too late!

    Note: All bonus Crystal will come in the form of a "### Crystal Card" in your Recharge Bonus Pack. You MUST open this pack before MIDNIGHT server time or you will be ineligible for the bonus! For example, if you purchase Crystal at 11:55 pm server time but do not open the pack until 12:05 am, you will NOT receive the 25% bonus!"

    i didnt find a crystal card in the pack i would of just did a ticket but for some reason it wont let me do a ticket it says i dont exist on the server im playing on
    not sure why it says that ...but it wont let me submit a ticket for help...sooo could someone please help me..thank you very much :-)

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    yyyeeeaaahhh it appeared now so never mind but i had to log out and stay logged out for a good while then it just appeared when i logged back in not sure why that is but i got my crystals so im happy but
    i still cant do a ticket it says i dont exist still ....:-(