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No CS at Facebook?

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    No CS at Facebook?

    I do not have any access with the game through Facebook.
    I always got an error.
    I need to make a char using my facebook because I bought Facebook Game Card to load up my main char. (which is not registered to my facebook account)
    Please help me or are there anyone who have the same problem as mine? Kindly reply here at my thread. Thanks
    "Let them SUFFER or ENJOY the consequences"

    Server:Crystal Spire
    Level:Level 83


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      461880 here is my ticket id and i got no serious answer so far.
      I bought facebook game card and now youre telling me that CS is not working well with facebook.
      I dont have paypal or any credit line thats why I chose to buy fb game card.
      And now im asking for a question as a reply on my ticket but there were no answer for almost 2 days.

      This account is my facebook account to be used on creating my char on facebook and moo is my main account for my main char.
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