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Ticket service problem

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  • Ticket service problem

    I have submitted several tickets, and have not received the emails containing the ticket number. If anyone knows of a problem, or if a GM reads this please let me know what is going on. I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Please check your spam folder. Also, kindly use @yahoo/gmail account in filing a ticket and add "" in your contacts.


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      I am having problems submitting a ticket at all , it keeps telling me to correct errors and try again .... there are no errors ( on my end )
      Server : Aurora Point
      IGN : (S1)4Heals
      Guild : NOYPI
      Class : Priest
      Lvl : 120+ Eidolon ( Levelling )
      Married to (S1)SheLLz <3


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        Did you fill out every field? You can't leave any of them empty or on the "Select one" option. Also, if you're trying to include a screenshot, if it's too big the ticket will error.
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