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Fragrach Shard matter

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  • Fragrach Shard matter

    Hello Community and Administrator,
    I just realized that the synthesis of 6 Fragrach shards is totally not worth it .
    I mean if i would create the 6 FS one by one i would need 6x6 shining gems which are 36 shining gems in total .
    But if i wanna create 6 Fragrach shards at a time i need 6 superior gems, which are 9x6 shining gems. That makes 54 shining gems in total.
    And those 3g and 2 pc you save arent totally not worth it since you first need to use additional 18 pc to make the excellent gems and another 6 pc to make the superior one.
    So you go 22 pc minus . So 3g gold for 18 shining gems and 22 pc ? That sounds like a scamm in my opinion.
    Fix that please. Make it 12 excellent gems , reduce the synthesis fee and cancel the 10 pc from the component then it would be minimal worth it .
    better make 10 excellent gems to rly make it worth it to save some shining gems up .

    In sincerely WingsOfGlory.

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    This was discussed at length when the system came out.

    The amount you get for the other synth options will be less than the amount you get for doing it one by one with shining gems. This is because of the convenience for not having to sit there waiting for the system to synth one by one.
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      So in other words the 6x Fragrach and 40x Fragrach sync is for ppl who cant wait 20 seconds to 2 minutes ?

      i mean that cant possibly be true . its the same for 40x FS . Instead of 6x 40 shining gems = 240 . you have to use for 40x FS 484 shining gems . thats crazy .
      Last edited by WingsOfGlory; 11-23-2012, 05:32 PM.


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        It also factors in for cash shop players who want to upgrade much more quickly compared to the others.

        Honestly, synthing gems actually is very time consuming. I've synthesized around 20 stacks of chipped gems, and boy, was that not fun. :/
        The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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          Hmm but for those superior gems you need for the 6x FS you also need to make more shining gems , thus you need more time to synthesis those 6 FS than doing it one by one.