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    When i enable AFK mode AFK protection against other players doesn't activate.....why ?

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    Ensure your position in "Peace Mode" for it to activate after 1 minute.
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      How do you know if your position is in peace mode ? sorry im a begginer


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        Look at the top left of your screen, where your character icon is. Above your "Red Bar" being your HP, it will say "xxxx Mode"

        Party Mode
        Peace Mode
        Guild Mode
        Party Mode
        Justice Mode
        Evil Mode

        All these are choices you can choose between.
        When you click on that "xxxx Mode", then you can switch back to Peace Mode, but make sure you aren't in battle mode first.
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          Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I appreciate the information you have provided me with and I appreciate the prompt reply.

          I have one more last questions, what are the benefits of these modes ?


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            I was just about to ask this very same question! Thank you!


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              Originally posted by SirGahalant View Post
              I have one more last questions, what are the benefits of these modes ?
              Peace mode allows you to enter AFK Protection. Players can only kill you when out of afk protection if they are in evil mode.
              Party mode is pretty much useless. Most people use this to engage in friendly fights with guildies.
              Guild mode is for pvp between guilds, such as in Kaymo Mountain during the Gotor spawn.
              Evil mode is used to kill anyone not in AFK Protection on a pvp map. Beware of evil mode, if you attack another player your name will turn red and your pk level will You'll drop unbound, unequipped items when you die with a red name. The only way to reduce your pk level and remove your red name is to be online for a number of hours, depending on pk level.
              Justice mode allows you to kill red name players who are not in AFK protection mode on a pvp map without having to go into evil mode yourself.
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                What MemoryLane had stated is pretty much the gist of it.

                There's nothing much to know about these besides ensuring when you want to AFK Grind, double-check that you're in Peace Mode.
                When you want to kill another person that's in Guild Mode, then switch to Guild Mode or Party Mode.
                Guild Mode as stated by MemoryLane is pretty much just being used for PvP Areas such as Guild Resource Battleground and Nimbus Quarry.
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