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How do i report someone who is cyberbullying?

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  • How do i report someone who is cyberbullying?

    We have a player on our server creating alts and constantly starting with our guild and no matter what we do nobody will take action.
    Kabam Wartune's own (S7)Lunatic 2m BR.
    R2 Crystal Saga's own (S91) Stealther-

    Forum rules are here

    How to access and file a ticket.
    Need to check a ticket?
    How to access the mobile support link? It should be through the links they provide.

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    There are several approaches to handling difficult players. The first would be to snap a screenshot with the in-game timeclock and send it to myself or another active moderator via PM. We will request a mute, and the GMs will take it from there. Second, I'd encourage you to file a ticket per player's offense. That way, our team can keep a record of their violations which can lead to more severe consequences if he does not cease his behavior.

    Above all else, you and anyone annoyed by said player can also set them and all their alts on ignore.