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Can you gift Non-Tradable Items in the Store?

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  • Can you gift Non-Tradable Items in the Store?

    Cannot trade Lionhearted Crystal from store to friend
    Put in (S#)Name from dropbox
    Had enough Xtal but the items would not send
    Was wondering if the problem was because item says! cannot trade!

  • #2
    You should be able to gift any items directly from Fate Shop, unless your toon is of a low level and has exceeded the crystal-usage cap. Are there any pop-up messages that appear when you attempt to gift?


    • #3
      Toon was lvl 30 at the time. Also what is the xtal spending cap??? TY


      • #4
        If you are below level 45, there is a limit on how many crystals you can spend. Once you've reached that level, the cap will be lifted for free crystal usage.


        • #5
          The Gift cap seems to be at lvl 35. Traded with friend then and the system restriction was lifted. Ty once again :3