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First S93 now S94?

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  • First S93 now S94?

    ***? why are the servers lagging to hell? s94 was out for 10 seconds....

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    It isnt even letting me get into the server.


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      anybody able to join s94 yet?? it says ,' failed to connect to server' .....


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        S94's issue is being looked into as well.


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          First S93 now S94?

          So as you all may known S93 has been down for a while but as soon at S94 was released S93 went up and S94 went down...
          I mean this is just not acceptable please tell us what is going on do not just keep it to yourselves and ignore the people paying for you to do your jobs?

          Anyhow... This game is just not worth the time and money now.

          P.S: Yes S94 was up for about 2 minutes and then it was down I know because I was the first one to be on it... My user is Lucifer.


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            Honestly I think they should have dealt with all the bugs before releasing it but I guess as long as some action is being taken into effect to fix this matter makes me happy.


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              any idea how long will it take to fix ?


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                Originally posted by legecyruler View Post
                any idea how long will it take to fix ?
                Well you would expect it to be fixed right its been more than 10 hours since the downtime of 93 and now 94...


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                  Probably give it another 30 mins since it has already been down for 30 mins, an hour should be effecient enough time but just keep on trying until them you never know


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                    [s94]wild autumn failed connecting to server

                    Is [s94]Wild Autumn has a problem?? says always failed to connect to server.


                    • #11
                      Yes currently it is down the reason is unkown to everyone.


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                        S94, S93? What is going on...

                        So as everyone knows S93 was down for 10 hours... And then when S94 was released it was up for a couple of minutes and then has been down for 6 hours now...
                        It is back to S93 now... I was playing and I was unable to do anything and failed to connect once again.


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                          I charged money to s94 so i better have my money is all i know....

                          I charged money to my character in s94....will i have my money?
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                            nope you have lost it.. that will teach you to not cash lol..

                            the server was deleated.. soo no1 will get there money might teach you guys not to cash so hard
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                              where is s94 anyway i cant see it in the server list this means i have half blind or R2 is forgetting to release it
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