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    I submitted a support ticket due to wanting a refund since there have been several bugs since I've started playing this week.
    I've received no reply yet even though I filed a support ticket several days ago.

    First I had problems recharging, I got my in-game currency a day later, which can happen, but it was after an update and a new event so you could've known there would be people recharging and could've atleast double checked that everything was working fine for people recharging.
    Then later on I kept getting server crashes (S93) out of nowhere, this eventually ended and I thought it was because of my own internet, but later on I found out others were experiencing these crashes aswell so that was no.2 of the things wrong with this game.
    The last problem I personally experienced is my skills weren't working (priest skills) I could only use my basic attack and no other skill, I tried refreshing and relogging but nothing helped.

    These are the bugs I experienced and this all in 1 week! This is unacceptable in my opinion and since I've only been playing this for a week I would hate to see how people have been experiencing this game who have been playing for a longer duration.
    I would like to ask for a refund, I've recharged over $100 but all I'm asking for is $100 refund since that was my biggest recharge and I no longer have the motive to continue playing this game.

    If there's any moderator who could help me with this, I would like him or her to either private message me or post a reply asking for my personal information.
    I'm not putting pictures of anything on here due to personal information which is on those pictures.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Hope we can resolve this with no issues.
    Yes, that's why I'm crowned queen.

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    As it was the weekend, ticket responses were delayed due to limited staffing. If you do not receive a response by the end of today, let me know.