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  • Account Ban

    how to get account banned??? I need to leave game for few weeks, last time I had to go away my account was used, I need to go away again (personal issues) I don't want to leave my account in unwanted hands again, I was lucky I did not get locked out of my alt account, I was just locked out of my main, my only other option is to delete.
    I contact R2 with this issue, they try to put the blame on me for not having enough security, I'm sorry where I live I can leave my door wide open I trust the people around me, Kind of sad I have to change mentality to keep thieving hands out.
    I plan to go away again soon and my only option is to delete account and never return, how is this a sensible option?

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    Or you can choose not to give your account information away to anyone and leave it untouched during your hiatus. There's a reason piloting is frowned upon, and why you must resort to either sharing your account or deleting it is just awry.