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  • Hacked Account

    can som1 help me plz.. my acct was hacked earlier I managed to get it back and some of the items but lots missing things and my toon is now locked.. I got onto my server with my alt and managed to scare the hacker to reveal themselves soo maxxy turned up and gave me the lockout code to unlock my toon I signed in changed all my passwords and made her give back most of the items stolen from my vault but lots still missing she sed she had also been hacked but she had the code to unlock my toon.. well my issue is the missing items and the fact every time I login now I have to enter a toon lockout code.. which I don't no how to disable I can use my acct again using the code she gave but I don't want my toon locked with code iv reported this all to GM.. threw ticketing services and checked my bank acct everything seams to be ok except the missing items and the toon lockout code

    another weird thing is I have items I didn't orriginaly have on my acct now as well 2x ares rune and avatar shards which cannot be traided soo the hacker must have purchased things on my acct..
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    It is advised you take any applicable screenshots, one being of the claimed hacker admitting to the deed so that the team can investigate their activities and handle them accordingly.

    The GMs can remove your character lock after you've confirmed several things to prove ownership of the account - they will be providing you with a list of information to provide once they initially review your ticket content. As for the missing items and items purchased from the shop without your consent, that unfortunately has no guarantee of being reverted.


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      hmm. ok well iv already given them the details necessary and they sed theyd look ito the ip used dureing the time I stated but as to being able to take screanshots I cant the site crashed ...

      the weird thing is I didn't have any crystals left on my acct but somhow the hacker has bought things on my acct.. that's why I checked my bank acct.. but it seams untouched.
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        The person probably used quartermaster tokens to buy somethings from quartermaster.
        Yes, that's why I'm crowned queen.


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          **.. hope not didn't check those.. grrr I had like 50 of those was saveing for the velociraptor


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            I'm sure you're gonna be able to get those back though from the r2games team, just might take them some time to figure everything out. Hope you're a patient person lol
            Yes, that's why I'm crowned queen.


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              If said hacker did use up your Quartermaster tokens, the chances of getting them back is bar none. The reason being is that your toon now holds the items used in the exchange and there is no way for us to roll back a single character to reverse the swap.