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[Advisory]Do not fall for scams!

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  • [Advisory]Do not fall for scams!

    Please always remember R2 never needs your password!

    R2 will never pm you in game telling you that you won something. This is a scam. Anyone asking for your password is going to scam you. You will lose items, or your character, or your entire account. Do not ever share your login information with anyone. R2 does not restore things lost from giving away your password! R2 does not need your password to send you things.

    Please also be advised actual R2 GMs have a GM title over their heads and they can appear at your side no matter where you are in the game (this includes events and dungeons). If you are speaking to someone who claims to be from R2, ask them to appear next to you so you can see their title. If they ask you where you are located, or give any excuse for why they can't- you are being scammed. Screenshot the conversation, report it on the forum or in a ticket, and mention it in chat so that you can protect others from falling for it.

    When in doubt, send in a ticket. If R2 is trying to reach you in game, they will tell you so in your ticket.

    Keep yourselves and your friends safe. Spread the word about not falling for this type of scam.