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Mass DC

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  • Mass DC

    When you gonna do mass dc!!! Tell us up front!!!! I just lost a lot on several toons just because you guys like to dc us!!!!!
    Spouse: StarFrost <3 AngelOfWrath
    Guild: Yangin: SAO,AGM ~//~Starfrost: Capo,SoR
    Lvl: 176 Eido Rogue ~//~ lvl 155 Srb Bm Hybrid
    Pets: A Lot!!
    Sperion:Yang: Maxed 3D def, Star: Maxed BloodBreak + 3D Def
    Server: S59 Riggie, S68 Yangin, S64 StarFrost
    Wings: DF - Prom
    Weapon: Immo VI - Immo X +18
    Pixie: Celestial-Blazing
    Mount: Doom -Gen4 Doom

    Spawn Off DeathDealer and AngelBlade

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    We do not disconnect servers without first announcing so. Mass disconnections are an unmanned occurrence that happens when the system hiccups for whatever reason.