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Abuse again

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  • Abuse again

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Name:	threat.JPG
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    (S73)Aura abusing gamers again on the server.

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    As previously directed, if you would like to report a player, you will need to do so in a ticket. Tickets can be filed through our support page here: The individual assigned to your case will review the content you've provided and proceed as deemed appropriate.


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      I did submit a ticket. Will this person get banned?


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        Bans are only up for consideration if said player has multiple severe offenses. Based on the screenshot you have provided, the worst that would happen is a mute, that is if the team finds the content unsettling.
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          I think Aura should get a permit banned because it is life threating to tell somebody that on the game.


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            The individual (S73)Aura directed that comment towards appears to be (S78)Hinako97, who does not seem bothered given their response. If he/she felt a certain way about the comment, then they will need to report it themselves rather than you on their behalf.


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              They feed off of your anger so going as far to make 3 threads about them "abusing" is paradise to them. The fact that they stay within the rules to **** u off even gives them more satisfaction. You're obviously new to mmo's so just suck it up. Constant whining and threads wont save you. It's embarrassing.


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                lmfao the title should be * how hatred treat each others* xD
                Server: (S73)Green Plains
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                Guild: 憎悪 (Hatred)

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