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  • Mass DC

    Sure would be nice if you clowns could get your **** together and the mass dc's could end. Im tired of losing void runs, corruption, etc night after night because you losers screwed yet something else up.... or someone is DDOS you, or whatever lame excuse you have this time. Its been every single night since last maintenance. Great job, R2... Great job.

  • #2
    Which server group is experiencing these daily mass DCs? As we have not received any reports regarding such, there's a good chance it's an isolated problem rather than with the server itself.


    • #3
      Im on server 62, but its affecting our whole group... Its not just me being dc'd every night, its the majority / all the server...Every night. Several times.....Since last maint.


      • #4
        ya we had a mass dc in kabam merged server too


        • #5
          That's what your server gets for discriminating low lvl players



          • #6
            this happens periodically also on 91. We could be coming back from a a server reset and then WHAM! Server kicks us all.
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