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Question about top up.

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  • Question about top up.

    will i still be able to recieve the "first top up" bonus even if i didn't click the "recharge" button from the cs homepage? i bought 500 crystals while i was in-game and now im wondering if i will be able to recieve that bonus pack.. can anyone answer this for me? sorry for my bad english people.. have a nice day.

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    There event is all bugged, like 80% of the people doing the recharge thing and the bonus crystals are not getting there rewards. I have sent a couple tickets, they basically just said "wait and hope u get your stuff"


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      i charged for 2 accounts.. the other one already got his 1st top up freebies but haven't recieve his 500crystal pack, while the other recieved the 500 crystal pack but no 1st top up freebies. O.O


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        Many people have different cashing things messed up. A guildie of mine is having troubles with her VIP and hasn't had VIP for 3-4 days now!!! R2 should really work harder to help out there players, especially the ones who are giving them there money.
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          can put events on servers in the hours of the night (00.00-05.00)??


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            can put events on servers in the hours of the night (00.00-05.00)??