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Kilin missing

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  • Kilin missing

    I have submitted a ticket but still not received any reply from R2. I have successfully upgraded into Kilin few days ago, but can not see in mount, in stable, in temp, and in inventory. Please help me take Kilin back to my mount.

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    Because we are entering the weekend, responses will be further delayed. If you have not received a response by the end of Monday, you may post back here with your ticket number or PM me the e-mail address used upon ticket submission.


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      I have sent 2nd ticket because I don't know what ticket number. Please solve this matter soon or just wait from day to day forever????


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        The support member assigned to your case informed me that they have already responded since the day you submitted your ticket. Please check on your case (#553046) and respond accordingly.
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          Please help solve this case soon, after 2 waiting weeks as your R2 supporter's last email, then I received another email from other R2 supporter said that change my case to solved because haven't heard from me & ask me to re-open the case??? So when will my case be solved?


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            If your issue has not yet been resolved, you need to state so. Tickets can be re-opened by submitting another response.


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              so when will my case be solved? nearly month is passing...from first time I sent ticket.


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                That really depends on the support team and their communication with the devs. If you need another ticket forward, that can be arranged.


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                  Support staff asked me to wait... then wait and wait... then another staff sent email said "because haven't heard from me so close my ticket"...then I respond & now just wait...wait until another email to ...hopeless...and begin to feel that my case will never be solved...if so, just email then do not have to wait more...

                  Too really disappointed with your supporting, until now your supporting to me is only quiet & nothing resolved after many emails between me & your support staff. I am giving up. You can keep that kilin for yourself, i quit cause after long time playing with this game, when i need support, only i have received is some emails from your support staffs & nothing resolved. Hope you upgrade your supporting to other gamers, if not they will go away like me. Bb.
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