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Changing my acc's user

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  • Changing my acc's user

    I've recently changed my account email and don't know how I did that. <<If you're lost then that's what I'm talking about.

    Is it possible to change that?B/c if I were to post something on forums it would be show my email instead of the username I'd have for this acc.
    For example, My email would be shown on this thread and not R233264282. Plz and ty

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    The e-mail is now simply bound to the account, so it will need to be used for logging in. The white name is what will publicly appear on the forum, so your e-mail will remain private.


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      I think it was a glitch b/c when I refreshed the page, the new email was still there but when I closed down everything and logged back in it went back to what it was