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Need to kill Fallen Angel for Rebirth Quest when under lvl 75?

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  • Need to kill Fallen Angel for Rebirth Quest when under lvl 75?

    Not sure this should be considered a bug, but it is an issue. I've recently rebirthed and unfortunately, the requirement for the Rebirth Expedition quest needs me to defeat Fallen Angel in Heavenly Isle. However, since I recently rebirthed, I'm not high enough level to enter Heavenly Isle therefore making my quest impossible to finish within a day (unless I level to 75 on the same day). Other players have told me that if I did get this requirement for this quest I'd be able to enter Heavenly Isle regardless of level, whether that was a bug which R2 fixed or not I don't know (tried to enter but popped up with message saying "Requires level 75"). This is the 2nd time this has happened to me and it's pretty annoying.
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    The Goddess of Fate in tyria village can teleport you there.


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      Holy frak, I did not see that. *Hides face from embarrassment*
      Server: Windshear Peaks
      Character: (s6)xXZekeXx
      Class: Hybrid Priest


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        i get it though but d goddess of fate dont have an option to teleport it there
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          there is
          "Teleport to Floran Everglades"


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            i can tele to the floran everglades to complete RQ kill FA world boss but still.. can i kill it alone?? i already scion but my level still low.. 37 now.. is that FA really will spawn?? or i should wait 14.00 WT??
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              The problem is not with your level nor your combat capacity, but some highly casher, fully geared morons will get the FA far before you
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                Feel free to vote and leave your first experiences trying to do this if have trouble with never being able to ever compete because always same ppl everyday please
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