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Help !!!

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  • Help !!!

    How to disable scroll bar on right side from the game
    I am using Internet Explorer 9 and i want to play on full screen
    please any help

    Click image for larger version

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    my screen resolution is 1440x900
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    Try using Google Chrome, it has no scroll bars and is high quality for me~
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      Originally posted by shinigami_kun View Post
      Try using Google Chrome, it has no scroll bars and is high quality for me~
      but i got lags on Google Chrome
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        No idea how you managed to get that bar really, but play around with it, there must be a disable button somewhere, have a look at the top of your screen when explorer is open, I'm not sure what is has for PCs but there should be a button like "file" "options" etc, click on those have have a read around, has to be in there somewhere
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          Seems like an IE9-problem. Don't have that at Firefox, Chrome, or IE-64bit. Tested on a 1920 × 1080 resolution.
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